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” The company was founded in 1963 and resumed in 2004 by Mr. Chaland.

Founded in 1963 by Mr. Palmieri (wrought iron)
Developed in 1978 by Dr. Gachet (bending and tube machining)
Bought in 2004 by Mr. and becomes Barge BARGE-Palmieri (Labour tube and mechanical welding)

We took advantage of our expertise to develop an own product. The TTF (Armchair All Terrain) was also a way to make it accessible to everyone access to the mountain.

Buggy-Bike is a brand that we have filed.

The range consists of two models of FTT (Armchair Suv): they are vehicles with 4 wheels, a seat and handlebars and adapted for people with reduced mobility.

* 1 Model: FTT downhill: Intended for recreational or sports practice field at all downhill. It can also propel themselves with hands on the tires of the rear wheels but driver with the handlebar. The lifts are generally performed by lift (approval), Quad or with the help of an animal.
* 2nd model: electric FTT (Ebuggy): Intended for recreational or sports practice hiking in the forest or in the mountains along the way. At the rise, it is powered by two electric motor while the descent is made to freewheel but the speed can be regulated. It is possible to walk between 25 and 80 km depending on the number of batteries and the profile of the terrain.

They won at the end of 2014 the price “Facilicîme” contest “Unpublished snow” organized by the CCI of Savoie. The competition rewarded the unusual action, remarkable “extra” ordinary Savoyard entrepreneurs. The category “Facilicîme” was dedicated to tourist activities and services having an exemplary approach to adapt their offer to people with disabilities.

Article HandicapTV

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