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“Begin with a desire to make available to all all-terrain and downhill hiking, the french company CHALAND-Palmieri, specialized for 50 in the mechanical welding, designs and manufactures a range of leisure chairs suitable for people with reduced mobility: Buggy Bike to hit the slopes (such as downhill mountain biking), the electric E-Buggy for hiking and paragliding chair.
All vehicles and for reconciling nature and sport safely.

A product for every personality
In June 2009 the E-Buggy was born. Since its creation it aims to enable people with disabilities to move in total autonomy on all terrains.
CHALAND-Palmieri is always in search of the progress that’s why this year it has a new electronic to its E-Buggy: it is recent and configurable software, which adapts the speed, braking. .. to each user profile.
In order to be suitable for a beginner as well as driving a sportier driving, this innovation allows people of all ages suffering from all types of disability (paraplegia, quadriplegia, hemiplegia …) access to these vehicles.
The E-Buggy has a range of 25-100 km depending on the chosen battery. Thus it offers the possibility of excursions on trails, ski slopes summer, beaches, snow and many other courses at a speed of 25 km / h.
Athletic or not it helps to explore new spaces and practice trekking, both on road and on varied terrain without nuisance.
The company, with a design office and manufacturing in-house, guarantee a tailor-made product adapted to the needs and desires of each.
With its growing reputation and image flexibility and robustness, the brand continues to rise both in France and abroad.”


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