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Downhill mountain biking, sensation of speed on a black run, let the current carry canoe or discover sumptuous landscapes in joëlette … As for valid, nature sports are attracting more and more among people with disabilities. These activities provide an opportunity for practitioners to satisfy their taste for effort without necessarily pay in the competition. Since the first conference of outdoor sports in 2008, the Disabled Sports Federation has opened wide its activities. DSH offers a very varied range of practices for the delight of nearly 7,500 licensees, who choose to take full eyes and lungs, safely.”


“All these practices together 7463 members, 21% of laid Handisport among these members, 53% are “managers licenses” (supervisors). “For some disciplines, the number of required frames is really important,” says Valérie Rocher Videloup, federal technical framework in charge of outdoor sports to FFH. These sports therefore favor mixed between valid and persons with disabilities. Seven disciplines have a commission in the French Disabled Sports Federation: the canoekayak, horseback riding, cycling, hiking in joëlette or FTT, skiing (alpine, nordic, snowboard), diving and sailing. The 7463 licensees are distributed in 523 affiliated structures Para, or 37% of the structures of the FFH. In descending order, cycling, hiking, skiing, sailing and horse riding occupy the top 5 disciplines with the most affiliated structures. It is besides skiing and cycling pleasure, we find the largest number of members. The public nature of sports is characterized by a large share of women: 34% when they represent only 29% of all members of the movement. The FFH can boast of being able to “take a quadriplegic in great expedition as allow large myopathic to make diving or hiking in sensitive ways” Cédric ensures Garreau, assistant DTN. If we find a lot of de fi cient visual, paraplegics and quadriplegics to the nature of sports are accessible to a large number of different disabilities. Including for severe disabilities, offset by material inputs and / or humans. “We can manage the entire panel of outdoor sports offerings, stresses Cedric Garreau. The sailors give good ideas for kayakers, specialists hiking exchange of good tips on mountain paths to the followers of the FTT … ”


“If orienteering does not meet more than thirty of “hardcore”, they are much more likely to engage in this activity during raids or multi day. “It’s the ideal binder such events, says Valérie Rocher Videloup. Especially as it is inconceivable on land and water. The search for a tag is a good alternative to the stopwatch. ”

Cycling, in his leisure design, is also booming. We find the same on handinautiques activities.
“The event standing around a body of water, it is easy to integrate cycling activity,” justi fi ed CTF outdoor sports to FFH. Aude as on the island of Ré, two events have found a very favorable return. The Tour de Ré, born last year, brought together 28 disabled athletes and 32 valid Scent of a Woman. Two days the participants have mixed heritage and culinary discoveries to the rhythm of a rich ride memories and emotions. This year, the second edition is scheduled on 30 and 31 May “This time, in order to meet demands, we created four courses, develops Wilfried Ossah, member of the departmental committee of Charente-Maritime. 25 and 33 km on Saturday, 12 and 30 on Sunday. ”

The Aude Tour is a discovery hike spread over four days. This year, the 13th edition is scheduled from September 15 to 18.

It can raise up to 70 riders can move in tandem or handcycle. They visit tourist sites and villages of the department. “The public offer meals and the convoy, framed by six or seven bikes, 7 or 8 vans and thirty volunteers, regularly stops in the villages in order to meet the children and elected” poses Peter Antolin, responsible for Mission Nature Sports on the HRC 11.”

Lien : http://www.handisport-lemag.org/archive/159/catalogues/index.html

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